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The GSL Group, LLC

The GSL Group, LLC is dedicated to the local business community by valuing and helping support firms in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. All of our professional services are based on expertise in the industry, solutions and processes that will help you achieve your business goals. Whether helping you promote your investment opportunity, managing growth, valuing your business, assisting with turnaround management or strategically advising in a variety of areas, The GSL Group brings integrity and expertise to every client engagement.

Based on over 30 years of combined experience in assisting small and medium-sized businesses, we offer a range of financial advisory services including business plans, interim CFO functions and business valuations. We can help you develop a strategic business plan based on solid launch and growth strategies. We can also help you hone your business model and build realistic financial projections.


Business Valuation

We provide a critical service to our clients interested in making informed decisions about the future of their closely held businesses and in obtaining financing.  With our timely and efficient service, we deliver peace of mind and impartial, defensible analyses.

CFO Services

The GSL Group, LLC provides CFO-level financial consulting services for companies with no full time senior financial managers or for those needing additional bandwidth and external assistance (adding another management layer). This can include development of budgets and forecasts (strategic plans, annual budgets, quarterly updates, cash flow forecasts and sales pipelines) as well as analysis and recommendations (pricing, make vs. buy decisions, client acquisition strategies, financial implications of marketing strategies, and contract structuring).

Capital Raising Services

It’s no surprise that capital is a primary driver of growth and creates or expands options.  Whether you’re growing organically, through acquisitions, or are stunted by lack of capital, The GSL Group can help you develop an effective financing strategy, determine the optimal deal structure and help secure the capital necessary to advance your strategic and financial objectives.

Plans, Models & Pitches

Most of the time, you only get once chance to pitch an investor. Because of this, it is paramount that your pitch and due diligence documents are top-notch, especially in this economic environment where the competition for capital is fierce. Don’t forget, your documents also say something about management and who is, or will be, running the company! At GSL, we make sure you feel confident in delivering the highest quality collateral to your potential investors.

Strategic Advisory Services

In addition to developing a strong business plan and pitch, we frequently engage in ongoing consulting, advisory board, or interim management roles with our clients. These relationships are typically structured around specific business development goals.